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The ASMCF runs a series of annual events from the annual conference and Postgraduate Study Day to the Douglas Johnson Memorial Lecture, and provides support from the Initiative Fund for a variety of events run by its members.

The Freak Conference

On October 29th and 30th, 2019, the Trinity Long Room Hub hosted a two-day interdisciplinary conference called ‘The Freak and its Discontents’, organized by a postgraduate committee. This conference engaged in a cross-disciplinary exploration of what society finds shocking in order to illuminate the cultural norms that the hegemony considers its constituent pieces, and to raise a critical awareness of the processes that define ‘normalcy’. An interdisciplinary approach allowed for the vantage point of multiple academic perspectives into various understandings of what constitutes ‘freakishness’. Conference papers touched upon topics from psychology and clinical studies, to literature and film. Speakers traveled from across the globe to present at this conference; in addition to local participants from Ireland, speakers traveled from Germany, France, Hungary, the UK, and the United States of America to present. In this sense, the conference provided a unique opportunity for postgraduate researchers to network with fellow researchers in adjacent disciplines. This project was awarded a prize through the Initiative Fund. More information on the deadline for applications can be found here. Twitter: @Freakconference (pictures taken and published during both days)

Theatre on the Move in Times of Conflict, 1750-1850

This two-day conference took place on 18th and 19th September at Magdalen College, Oxford, and was co-organised by Annelies Andries (University of Oxford) and Clare Siviter (University of Bristol). It brought together scholars from the fields of theatre history, musicology, languages, history, politics, and area studies, and sought to explore the movement of theatre across linguistic, cultural, and national boundaries between 1750 and 1850, with a special focus on conflict as a driver of such movement. More details will be available via the project’s website:   This project was awarded a prize through the Initiative Fund. More information on the deadline for applications can be found here.  

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2018 ASMCF Annual Conference, University of Lancaster

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