Gill Allwood

Gill Allwood, Editor of the Association's journal

Gill Allwood is Professor of Gender Politics at Nottingham Trent University and editor of the Association’s journal, Modern and Contemporary France. She has been a member of the ASMCF since she began her PhD in 1990 and has served both on the editorial board and the executive committee. She is also one of the editors, with Martin O’Shaughnessy and Denis Provencher, of the Liverpool University Press book series Studies in Modern and Contemporary France. Gill Allwood is the author of French Feminisms: Gender and Violence in Contemporary Theory (Taylor and Francis 1998) and, with Khursheed Wadia, Women and Politics in France (Routledge 2000), Gender and Policy in France (Palgrave 2009) and Refugee Women in Britain and France (MUP 2010).

Fiona Barclay

Fiona Barclay, Honorary Secretary

Fiona Barclay is Lecturer in French and postcolonial studies at the University of Stirling, where in 2011 she co-organised the first annual conference of the ASMCF to take place in Scotland. Her research interests lie in the postcolonial relationship between France and Algeria as it is represented in literature, film and media, and she has published widely on issues of postcolonial memory, commemoration and haunting. She is currently working on a project on representations of the pieds-noirs. She joined the Executive Committee in 2010, and became Membership Secretary in 2011. In 2014 with Dr Cristina Johnston she co-edited a special issue of Modern and Contemporary France entitled 'Qu'est-ce qu'une génération?'

Aude Campmas

Aude Campmas, Honorary Treasurer

I am a Lecturer in French Studies at the University of Southampton. My current research interests include the relation between science and literature, and the representation of ‘the monstrous family' in Francophone literature. I joined the committee in 2014.

Madeleine Chalmers

Madeleine Chalmers, Postgraduate Representative

I am studying for a DPhil in Medieval and Modern Languages at Trinity College in the University of Oxford, funded by the Oxford University AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership – Sir Ivor Roberts Graduate Scholarship. My research project explores how French literature and film of the Third Republic negotiate the increasingly tight imbrication of technology into human life, placing a historical corpus in dialogue with recent theoretical reflections on technology. I joined the Committee as Postgraduate Representative in 2017.

Máire Cross

Máire Cross, Honorary Vice-President

I joined the association as a postgraduate in the 1980s and by 1985 was a member of the committee, serving as membership secretary from 1986 to 1988. I served on the editorial board from 1995 to 2005, and with Sheila Perry co-organised the 1995 conference held in Newcastle upon Tyne, where we inaugurated the custom of having a ceilidh after the conference dinner. I served as president until 2013. My chapter, ‘Sartre in Middlesex, De Beauvoir in Oxford: The Contribution of the ASMCF to the Study of France’, in: Lane, P., & Worton, M, eds, French Studies in and for the Twentieth Century. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2011, pp. 272-288, was the first published history of the association. Since 2005 I have been Professor of French and head of department at Newcastle University. As a trustee of the Society for the Study of French History I am now president until 2017.

James Illingworth

James Illingworth, Postgraduate Representative

James Illingworth is a PhD candidate in the School of Arts, English and Languages at Queen's University, Belfast. His research, funded by the AHRC's Northern Bridge Doctoral Training Partnership, examines the use of myth and symbolism in representations of the body in works by novelist George Sand (1804-1876). He is also working at the Bowes Museum on their French archive collection, and runs a public engagement project "Re-Imagining Ireland with Wordsworth". He has previously presented at both the ASMCF Annual Conference and the PG Study Day, and joined the Committee as Postgraduate Representative in 2016.

Timo Obergöker

Timo Obergöker, Membership Secretary

Timo Obergöker was born and raised in Germany and joined the UK and the University of Chester in 2013, first as a Senior Lecturer then as a Professor of French and Francophone Studies. Timo holds a PhD from the Université de Nancy 2 and a Habilitation à diriger des recherches from Clermont-Ferrand 2. His research focusses on Contemporary Literature from France and Québec (Écritures du non-lieu.Topographies d’une impossible quête identitaire : Romain Gary, Georges Perec, Patrick Modiano, Peter Lang, 2005 (2nd edition 2014, Les Lieux de l’extrême contemporain, Meidenbauer, 2011) and on colonialism and popular culture (Prise de possession. Storytelling, colonialisme et culture populaire, Königshausen und Neumann 2016). Timo currently works on a book on Postcolonial masculinity and on a series of articles on the roman national.

Chris O'Neill

Chris O’Neill, Web Officer

Chris O’Neill is a PhD Candidate in the School of Languages and Social Sciences at Aston University in Birmingham. His PhD thesis examines newspaper cartooning and the mechanisms of press control and censorship under Vichy. Other research interests include the French political system, Bande Dessinée, caricature, war in comics, representations of political figures in comics and France in the inter-war period. He also teaches French at Aston University. Chris joined the ASMCF Committee as Web Officer in 2017 and is also on the committee of International Bande Dessinée Society.

Clare Siviter

Clare Siviter, Web Officer

Clare Siviter is a lecturer in French and Francophone Theatre and Performance at the University of Bristol. Her area of expertise is the theatre of the Revolution and Napoleonic era. More widely, she is interested in the evolution of theatre from the standpoint of cultural history, and particularly in the notions of propaganda and censorship. Clare joined the ASMCF Committee in 2015 as postgraduate representative and took over the Web Officer role in 2016.

Photo of Abigail Taylor

Abigail Taylor, Prizes Officer

Abigail is a French language tutor at the University of Sheffield. She was awarded her PhD in 2016 also at the University of Sheffield. Her doctoral research which was funded by a University Prize Scholarship, examined the experiences of out-of-work parents in France and the UK. Her research interests are in contemporary French social policy in particular, family and employment policy. Abigail is the ASMCF Prizes Officer. Prior to that Abigail served as an Ordinary Member of the Committee in 2015-2016 and as the ASMCF Postgraduate Representative in 2013-14.

Chris Tinker

Chris Tinker, President

Chris Tinker is a Professor of French at the Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. His interests are in Media and Popular Music in France and Britain with particular focus on representations of generation/ageing, gender, nostalgia and charity. Chris is an active member of the ASMCF-affiliated French Media Research Group, co-organising with Hugh Dauncey (Newcastle) one-day conferences on Music and Media (FMRG18) and on Media, Memory & Nostalgia (FMRG22 & FMRG23). Chris is also currently a member of the Modern and Contemporary France Editorial Board and has co-edited themed issues of the journal on Representing Paris (with Alison Fell, 2000), on Youth Cultures in the Fifth Republic (with Wendy Michallat, 2007) and on Media, Memory & Nostalgia (with Hugh Dauncey, 2015). In 2014 Chris joined the ASMCF Executive Committee as Honorary Secretary.

Steve Wharton

Steve Wharton, Honorary Vice-Secretary

Steve Wharton, Honorary Vice Secretary, is Senior Lecturer in French and Communication in the University of Bath's Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies. He first joined the Executive Committee in 1992, serving subsequently as Hon Treasurer 1995-1998 and Hon Secretary 1998-2000. Having served on the Executive of the AUT and then UCU 2000-2008 (being national AUT President 2005/06 and Joint President of UCU 2006/07), he returned to ASMCF Exec as Hon Treasurer in 2007 and then Hon Secretary 2008-2014. He researches Occupied France and its legacy, contemporary LGBT activism in Britain and France, annd political communication. He is also Co-Director of Routes into Languages South West, and Chair of Directors of Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution where he also co-convenes its French Civilisation and Culture Group.

Jan Windebank

Jan Windebank, Honorary Vice-President

Jan Windebank is Professor of French and European Society in the School of Languages and Cultures at the University of Sheffield. She has published on a variety of topics concerning work, family, gender, social exclusion and social policy in France and in comparative European perspective in leading sociology, social policy, business and European studies journals and has published a number of books including Informal employment in the advanced economies (Routledge, with C.C. Williams) and Women and work in France and Britain (Macmillan, with A. Gregory). Jan currently co-edits the Journal of Contemporary European Studies and is co-organiser of the Centre for Gender Studies in Europe. Jan has been a member of ASMCF since commencing her PhD in 1985, sat on the Executive Committee in the early 90s and again since 2010, been a member of the Editorial Board of Modern and Contemporary France and organised two annual conferences in 1993 and 2006 in Sheffield. She has been President of the Association since 2013.